Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing offers protection and beauty without the hassle or expense of maintenance. Enhance the look of your aluminum fencing to suit your personal style by choosing from a variety of heights, accessories, and colors – aluminum fencing offers you a wide variety of looks to choose from. Aluminum fencing is a popular choice for pool security because its durable coating prevents rust and corrosion and able to withstand the moisture and chemicals found in a pool environment. All aluminum fencing products carry a lifetime guarantee.

aluminium fence

S1 – Bennington

This fence is designed to blend into the natural cadence of virtually any landscape. Embracing a traditional fence style, it comes with an accent of spear points across the top. The aluminum fencing works especially well with traditional-style or older housing because of its durability. While older houses need frequent maintenance and upkeep, this style of fencing stays sturdy throughout the years. This allows owners to focus on home repairs instead of dealing with the added expense of fencing maintenance. The spear points across the top of Bennington fencing make it a more popular choice for the area surrounding a house rather than pool fencing, but nonetheless the coating helps prevent rust and corrosion. Our Bennington fencing comes with a lifetime guarantee, which makes it a great choice for property fencing that requires very limited maintenance.

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S4 – Saybrook

This classic design with smooth rail top reflects the mood of a late spring evening. Similar to Bennington fencing, Saybrook is commonly found in traditional landscapes. Because the aluminum fencing’s coating helps prevent corrosion and rust, Saybrook fencing is a popular choice for pool fencing. The smooth rail top provides a safer fencing solution compared to Bennington fencing’s accent spear points. While the initial cost might be higher compared to wooden fencing, aluminum fences require less maintenance and upkeep, which is why it is such a popular choice for those planning to live in their home for a long time. Additionally, Saybrook fencing comes with a lifetime guarantee, which keeps maintenance expenses even lower.

aluminium fence

S10 – Derby

The simplicity of this basic two rails smooth top with enclosed pickets is ideal for pool applications and is also excellent for balconies and decks. The aluminum fencing lowers maintenance costs by resisting rust and corrosion, even against pool chemicals. The smooth top railing makes it a safe choice for balcony and deck fencing because people commonly lean on the top of the fencing. The gap between the base and the fencing also makes it easy to sweep leaves and debris off of your deck or balcony. This combined with the fence coating makes Derby fencing perfect for many different uses. On top of the versatility, Derby fencing comes with a lifetime guarantee, which makes long-term maintenance and upkeep lower compared to wooden fencing.

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